Deshvoice News Portal

Build it proudly presents the Desh Voice News Portal, a unique and innovative platform meticulously crafted using the powerful combination of Laravel and the TALL Stack. This dynamic duo brings forth a seamless fusion of cutting-edge technologies, delivering a state-of-the-art...


Fiction Factory — a marketplace for writers

Fiction Factory is the first online marketplace for writers and publishers in Bangladesh. It is a platform for literature enthusiasts, where writers can submit their literature and readers are able to read them by paying or through subscription. Fiction Factory has...


CRM for Global Energy Ltd

Welcome to Build It, where innovation meets efficiency. Proudly showcasing our collaboration with Global Energy Limited, a trailblazer in battery manufacturing and distribution. Our custom-built CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system redefines how Global Energy manages its operations, seamlessly integrating every...


E-Zone HRM Limited Website

At Build It, we proudly present our collaboration with E-Zone HRM Limited, manifested through the creation of their dynamic online presence. Navigating the intersection of innovation and functionality, we crafted a website for E-Zone HRM that seamlessly mirrors their commitment...


EZJOBS Job Portal by E-Zone HRM Limited

E-Zone HRM Limited, one of the most significant HR solution companies in Bangladesh needed a Job Portal.The idea was to make a large database of resumes where they can search and filter candidates by different criteria.On March 09, 2023 we...