Fiction Factory — a marketplace for writers

November 30, 2023

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Fiction Factory is the first online marketplace for writers and publishers in Bangladesh.

It is a platform for literature enthusiasts, where writers can submit their literature and readers are able to read them by paying or through subscription.

Fiction Factory has following features:

  1. Separate dashboards for users and admins
    • Users can add, edit, delete their posts and mark them as premium post or free.
    • Users can also choose a price for their post.
    • Admin can view the submitted contents by users and approve them before the post can be shown in the homepage
  2. Post Features:
    • A post can have multiple chapters.
    • Post context and related contents are shown in the post view page
    • An author card is displayed in the bottom of each post.
    • Posts can be browsed by categories, posts and authors.
  3. An user can buy premium posts by adding them to cart and confirming order.

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